Unchained.Design was created in 2018 after I discovered the wonder of turning small little metal rings into beautiful and elegant jewellery via weaving them into chainmail.

Chainmail is commonly thought of as a type of armour, worn by medieval knights, however over time the skill of weaving different sized rings has evolved to allow more than protective clothing. Now many beautiful objects, including jewellery, can be made with chainmail, and hundreds of weaves have been created by many talented people that are available to use by people.

As far as who I am, my name is Clare Selley, although I also go by Xarra online, and I live in York, UK, with my husband, two young children and three cats (Onyxia, Sindragosa, and Eranikus). I’m a huge geek, playing and GMing multiple D&D 5e games a week, healing or tanking in World of Warcraft, watching or listening to Critical Role, and crafting in between.

I started with creating jewellery designed for the Profound Decisions LARP, Empire, as my initial creative ideas leant themselves towards to the various Nations in the game and it seemed like there was an opening in the market for designs and custom work, and then branched out into D&D, Critical Role, and other themes – as a fan of many things fantasy & sci-fi, I’ve probably heard of your fandom or loveĀ  and can create something for you.

~ Clare