Imperial Bracelet

A commissioned Christmas present bracelet designed with a mottled gold colour, with two purple rings to represent the commissioner and his partner. This was made at 8″ to accommodate a larger wrist. Initially it was created with a larger purple section (as below), but the commissioner wanted a simpler option, so amendments were made until it was perfect. The colours would be perfect for an Imperial Rome look – or for the Imperatrix’s Offices in Empire LRP.

The bracelet shown is made of brass and anodised aluminium in purple, gold and champagne, however it can be done in many colours – my tree bracelets are the same weave, and this shows how just the colours can vary a weave’s look. Please contact me to discuss options.

This bracelet is £25 without a charm, or £30 with a charm. It can be posted or delivered to any Empire or Legion of Dreams LARP event,