Roses In Bloom – Chainmaille Bracelet Jewellery

The design on this bracelet reminds me of roses wrapping around my wrist. It is light, elegant, and simple, in a byzantine weave, and feels smooth and comfortable against your skin. An added cross detail hangs down from the clasp, although this can be modified or changed for something else easily, although a charm may incur extra cost.

These are made at a standard 7" but can be adjusted as needed.

This version is an anoidised aluminium bracelet in red, hot pink and ice pink rings, handmade by myself, however please contact me once ordered to discuss the colour combination that you would like – most combinations are possible, including rainbow.

Handmade with love and care, and I'm always happy to discuss a custom design and ideas, including what would be the best weave and colours for your personal art.