Raven Queen Cloak Chain

This is a more unusual commission – a cloak chain for a Raven Queen cosplay from Dungeons and Dragons. The weave is nice and loose to be visible on the costume, and the raven skulls were puchased seperately and firmly attached. This style of chain would also be good for Wintermark in Empire LARP, or a shaman.

This mini dice bracelet was a Christmas present commission – I actually made 4 of these. They’re very flexible and slinky, and they’re also very good as a masculine bracelet without the die. The weave also looks a bit like Sauron’s eye for a geeky element.

The chain is made from black and gold anodised aluminium and other weaves and colours are available. I’m happy to discuss your requirements for the ends of the chain and how much weight it needs to support.

This cloak chain would be £30, although a more complex weave may be £40. It can be posted or delivered to any Empire or Legion of Dreams LARP event,