About Me

Hi, I’m Clare and I run Unchained.Design from my home in York, UK.

Unchained.Design was created in 2018 after I discovered the wonder of turning small little metal rings into beautiful and elegant jewellery via weaving them into chainmail. Initially I planned to make myself some scalemail armour for Live Action Role Play (LARP), so thought I’d learn some weaves to get started – I’ve now made hundreds of pieces of jewellery, but I’ve still not made that scalemail!

I started with creating jewellery designed for the Profound Decisions LARP event, Empire, but have now branched out into many and various weaves, from LGBTQ+ themed, to medieval/viking inspired, and beyond, I love creating pieces especially for my customers and adore doing special commissions.

I live with my husband, two young children and four cats (Onyxia, Sindragosa, Alexstraza, and Eranikus) and I’m a huge geek. I play in multiple Dungeon and Dragons 5e games a week, and I enjoy watching or listening to Critical Role while I craft. I also enjoy random TV programmes, messing around with websites and databases, drinking far too much coca cola, and my spirit animal is the pok√©mon Eevee.