Fire Bracelet with Scales

Like fire? This light-weight bracelet is perfect for you. Made in bright red, orange, yellow sand gold tones in the slinky vipera berus weave, it makes a statement on your wrist. Dangling from the end are several scales in copper, red, and other fire colours (may vary) that give the impression of scales.

Your handmade bracelet is:

* Made of light weight, hard wearing bright anodised aluminium.
* Has scales made of a variety of materials (copper, anodised aluminium) – these can be just 1 material if required.
* 1cm wide, but can be made wider if requested.
* Closed with a lobster clasp, but this can be changed if required.

I am happy to make custom orders for this design in many different colours, or with beads instead of scales. Please contact me with any questions, or to plan your perfect piece of jewellery.