Hematite Arrow with Inverted Round Necklace

This light-weight necklace consists of a hematite gemstone arrow on a silver tone inverted round weave wrapped around a black suede thong surrounded. It is simple and elegant. Perfect for dressing up, dressing down, or more alternative Gothic dress styles. Also perfect for wiccans, witches, druids, and pagans. Hematite allegedly cleanses the blood and supports circulation as well.

Your handmade necklace is:

* Made of light weight, hard wearing bright anodised aluminium.
* On a strong faux suede thong.
* The pendant is 4cm long and 2cm wide, and other pendants are available.
* The pendant is made of hematite stone.
* Closed with a lobster clasp, but this can be changed.

I am happy to make custom orders for this design in many different colours, as well as either the pendant or the thong. Please contact me with any questions, or to plan your perfect piece of jewellery.