Orange and Red Mobius Drop Earrings

These orange and red earrings on silver tone earwires with a mobius twisted weave at the end remind me of flames and fire swirling together. A great touch to any outfit to show your loyalty to your fandom, or to finish off any outfit perfectly. Apologies for only one photograph – the original sold before I could take others!

Your handmade earrings are:

* Made of light weight, hard wearing bright anodised aluminium.
* On gold tone ear wires, but can be made as studs if requested via a custom order.
* The fall is 1cm wide at the widest point and 3cm long at minimum, but can be made to a different size if requested.

I am happy to make custom orders for this design in many different colours, or use different colour ear wires, or studs. Please contact me with any questions, or to plan your perfect piece of jewellery.