Steel Dragonscale Bracelet

It is hard to describe this luxurious, luminous, and silky bracelet made in stainless steel. It moves sensuously over your skin, and would suit many different situations, from modern to fantasy to gothic to clubbing. I absolutely love it and whenever I have one on my stall, it’s one of the pieces everyone is drawn to and admires. Closed with a lobster clasp, it has a noticeable weight on your wrist, but moves beautifully with you, and won’t hinder you.

Your handmade bracelet is:

* Made of strong stainless steel that will not rust.
* 3cm wide, but can be made wider or thinner if requested.
* Closed with a stainless steel lobster clasp, but this can be changed.

I am happy to make custom orders for this design in steel, brass, copper and bronze, and many different colours of anodised aluminium – please contact me with any questions, or to plan your perfect piece of jewellery.