Steel Vipera Berus 4-in-1 Bracelet

Made of solid stainless steel, this slinky bracelet in the vipera berus 4-in-1 weave is a nice subtle nod to ancient times to add to any outfit, gothic, LARP, modern, or renfaire. It has a nice weight to it, and is very comfortable. It closes with a lift-and-slide buckle.

Your handmade bracelet is:

* Made of solid brass and stainless steel rings.
* 2cm wide, but can be made wider or thinner if requested via a custom order.
* Closed with a lift-and-slide buckle, but this can be changed via a custom order.

I am happy to make custom orders for this design in steel, brass, copper and bronze, and many different colours of anodised aluminium (although this would be lighter weight) – please contact me with any questions, or to plan your perfect piece of jewellery.